Kindergarten- Mrs. Ledezma

Dear Kindergarten Parents,

We are progressing very well!  The students and I are very excited, especially about the Reading Program, "Superkids".  They have met Cass already and they love to sing and dance to the Cass song.  This week we will be learning about Oswald.  Oswald is a unique character that loves odd animals!  He will teach them all about the short sound of O.

For Religion, we are going to talk about how God gave us the sun and moon.  Last week, we did a beautiful drawing of the Solar Eclipse.  For Math, we will be working on sorting shapes by color, size, and shape.  In Science, we will start studying the parts of the body.  In Social Studies, we will learning about Fun at School and the Pledge of Allegiance.

This Monday, we will be off for Labor Day...Have a Wonderful Labor Day Weekend!!


Mrs. Ledezma