First Grade

 March Newsletter

March 10, 2019

Dear Parents:


Welcome to our week of learning.


Spelling List:  Pattern: aw

  1. law
  2. saw
  3. dawn
  4. lawn
  5. crawl
  6. come
  7. coming
  8. they
  9. our
  10. put

 Language Arts:        


·         Associate aw with /o/.

·        Determine the number of syllables in words

 ·         Understand and use adjectives and precise verbs


·         Connect ideas: Cause and effect

·         Compare and contrast two texts

·         Understand antonyms



·         Discuss characteristics of descriptive writing

·         Plan descriptive details

·         Draft a descriptive paragraph with sensory details


Social Studies:

·         Students will learn facts about Florida (peninsula, everglades, the Capital, State symbols etc..)  

·         Students will learn about the seven continents of the United States.



·         Students will identify animals that live in water habitats: pond, ocean, and ice.



·         Revew & Math Test


·         Performance Test


*****IMPORTANT NEWS*******


·         Report Card Conferences will be held on March 13, 2019.  Parents with confirmed times only will be seen .

·         March 14, 2019 is a half day.  Report Card Conferences will continue this day for parents with confirmed times only.

·         Parents who did not confirm a timeslot can still do so on Dojo where there are still more time slots available.  You received a message on Dojo with the available time slots.  I will confirm your timeslot once received from you.  

·         School will be closed on Thursday, March 15, Friday, March 16, and Monday March 18.  Enjoy your time off!



Mrs. Charlton