Pre-K 4- Ms. Donan



Notes:  This Month our theme will be watch it grow. Young Children are naturally curious, the want to know about the world and their place in it. On this chapeter the children will have the opportunity to explore the world around them and discover that  we are surrounded by many different kind of plants; trees, flowers, vegetables ect. They will learn all about what plants need to grow, how they grow and, we will even get to grow our own vegetables! (Let's see how that goes) The children will get the chance to interact a little closer with nature and identify it as God's amazing creation and a gift to us!    



What we are learning:

Letter: Yy  Number: 17   Phonological Awareness: Ending sounds

Math: Measuring length and area   Science: Seeds on the move



































Classroom Rules

·       We are good listeners

·       We say please and Thank you

·       We clean after our selves

·       We raise our hand to speak

·       We take turns

·       We follow directions

·       We use inside Voices

·       We stay safe

·       Image result for welcome preschool clipartWe do our best and we try.

·         We have fun!